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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • nikisan nikola

    i cant wait >:D

  • Ulquiorra Cipher

    It’s not out yet ;-;

    • Phucanh Trannguyen

      It is now

  • Alex Maile

    Holy balls, pretty boy has an ugly side.

  • Joner

    I figured what would happen in this episode but it still made my jaw drop. :O!!!

  • Jerry Yang

    In some way, I understand and root for Biba (mumeis brother). He tries to create a world and system where only the elites lives.

    • S4ngetsu

      People like Biba are the worst, if you root for him you are even worse. Hopefully he’s getting rekt by Ikoma =)

      • misha

        be sure he will kill him

      • ObamaDogmeat

        Weaklings like you are the first ones to go under someone like Biba, no wonder you don’t like him.

        • Naruto, Fairy Tail <3

          You know that this is kinda hitler-ideology? The best (in his opinion the germans) survive, the worst (in his opinion the jews) die.

          • Eichel42

            Are you inbred for trying to compare that. And if you try to argue with something like that he didn’t want the Germans to survive he wanted the Aryans to control Europe . and not be tainted by the Jewish race. so please shut the fuck up next time.

          • Firefly

            are you fucking stupid ? 1st of all he is German, 2nd of all if anything why the fuck would he kill his following, his workers, his army. and why the fuck are you being such a bitch, in a way he is actually right you fucking 12 year old thinking you know something, go back to your fucking wiki pages.

          • Forslimjims

            Yup, he’s literally Hitler.

        • jkyotube

          You have a big mouth but most probably are categorized as one of the weaklings by Biba. Unless he thinks big mouth is a good trait.

    • jkyotube

      that is why people like you should get killed by the non-elites =D

    • Jerry Yang

      Im not saying that he should live, or i would like him to be my leader in real life. but think about it(especially in an apocalypse). I would prefer less death than more. If Biba wants to create a world of strong, then pointless death would be happening. Its just a different way to look at Biba. Even though his personality really changes this topic around, its something to think about.

  • H3110

    These people are dicks…

  • BlasterL

    I really hope Ikoma kills that bastard. I hate Biba

    • ObamaDogmeat

      Biba is awesome you filthy pleb.

      • Oxeus

        How so? He just committed mass murder in the innocent. That’s never justified. Anyone who does that is clearly a dick.

        • ObamaDogmeat

          No one is innocent, bud.

          • DerpyChaos

            Some more innocent than others ._.

          • Poochie Mcintosh

            I’m still in love with this comment section. Even though you’re arguing the justification behind mass murder this is still more civil and thought provoking than youtube comment sections.

      • BlasterL

        You just like him cause he’s pretty, don’t you?

        • ObamaDogmeat

          Nah, I like him because he’d cut chumps like you in half.

  • SocialAwk

    Kurusu, only guy who brings a sword to a gun fight in wins (sorta?).

  • 東京グール・眼帯FTW・ユーザーネーム: Ɠнσυℓ

    Jeez Ikoma you gotta train your muscles ffs.

  • Forslimjims

    So can we confirm that this is literally just Attack on Titan: Zombie mode yet? We’ve got the main character who is the same as the enemy but helps the humans, the main character also lost his family to the enemy, a secret group that know the secret behind harnessing the enemy’s power, a semi useful best friend, a bad ass human who can fight the enemy better than any other human, and now we have the humans that have harnessed the enemy’s power helping the enemy. We’re a basement away from the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but Wit Studio is milking this cash cow so hard.

  • Jumpingjack

    Lol so ****** turns into a god hybrid and Ikoma is a bitch and a normal human can outclass him in physical combat lol. And mumei is the most naive person in the world. Story telling could be so much better lol. I think EVERYONE saw this coming as soon as we’ve found out they have a private army locked up.

  • jenn

    Mumei you have to be most gullible and idiotic character I have ever seen in an anime

  • Azrael Telea

    So the liberator liberates by massacring totally fine cities… And hundreds are ok with that and follow him. Mumei is totally oblivious and naive to the point it’s a wonder she can breath without someone reminding her. This plot is so fucking bland and linear that the logic is non existent, and reflects a soap opera more than an action flick. A really bad soap opera.

    • celes

      it’s pretty obvious that most people join because they’re afraid of him, not because they agree with his ideology. also, remember that mumei’s still a child, and children tend to be naive. both of these details are justified so i don’t see how they ruin the plot, it’s still pretty interesting

  • ES7

    Why does there always seem to be fires whenever the Kabane come? Unless they always manage to drop wood into the fires.

  • Sir Dubya

    I dont remember the scout regiment being so evil the last time.

  • |Hagane ~ no ~ Renkinjutsushi|

    I bet if Biba was a fat ass ugly dude he wouldn’t have any more fans.

  • Yuzuki Hyuga

    I called it. Never trusted that pretty boy.

  • Christy

    Why the heck does it keep playback error-ing?!?