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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • xsweetmelodyx

    omg cant wait, I bet Ikoma will be the odd one out..

  • Shuskey

    Now that Erin I mean Ikoma is about to join the the Survey Corps I mean the Hunter squad he may stand a chance of reaching his dream of killing every Titan I mean Kabane.

    • Olnjiko

      Up you go

    • Joshua Oliver Gamba

      Exactly my thoughts. AHHAHAHAHA

    • Mumei

      you spelt erwin wrong

      • No, he spelt Eren wrong.

        • Shuskey


    • Mumei

      but love the comment

    • Yeah, because he totally wants to join the Hunters after saying how much he hates Biba… cuz that makes sense.

      • Shuskey

        Comment was made long before this episode went up.

        • I don’t pay attention to times, sheesh!

          • Shuskey

            All good, wasn’t an attack or anything.
            Have a nice day.

          • Poochie Mcintosh

            I love how anime comment sections differ so much from youtube comment sections. The people actually know what they’re talking about and people can debate points and discuss things without going ‘capslock crazy’

      • H3110

        but maybe he also wants to join to show how bad Biba is to the people or something

    • AultinBarltino

      tbh, i don’t really see much of a similarity between this and Attack on Titan, aside from those three things.

      • Locked.S

        well….the weapons are SUPER identical, we got a strong independent female lead, the sometimes useful best friend, aaaaand not to mention humanity live inside closed walls.

        • AultinBarltino

          you got a good point. though the difference between both female leads is that one doesn’t become the same as what they’re facing. Mumei is turned into a Kabaneri, but Mikasa doesn’t become a Titan Former (i think that’s the term for it). there’s also the fact that Mumei isn’t as doting on Ikoma as Mikasa is to Eren, likely due to the difference in time in which they’ve known each other.

          • |Hagane ~ no ~ Renkinjutsushi|

            In her childhood Mikasa kills her attackers. In her childhood Mumei kills her attackers. Let’s face it… KotIF is steampunk Attack on Titan set in imperial Japan.

          • AultinBarltino

            alright, you win x)

          • ERO deerbra

            so what if there is similarity.
            i don’t get why you have to keep comparing, i looove snk and enjoy kotif.
            i would have loved to see it in a different way which is what we have here.

    • Kave Animator

      lol . u r right .same fucking story . same fucking character .same beast except killing them by heart not their back 😀

    • Cary Rumley

      What you think is seeing similarities between two shows is just your beginning to delve into narrative systems. Almost every modern story, especially ones in anime, contain the Monomyth, or Hero’s Journey. A very basic and repetitive set of decisions writers make for a structure of a story. It’s the details around it that make the cake.

    • Matthew Litteral

      only difference is this is actually good.

    • hazerddex

      last i checked eren was not a inventor just a angsty teenager

  • Rem Shin

    If Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul had a one night stand =
    birth of Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

  • Topics LP

    I watch everytime the Japaness,English and a german version of Kabaneri of the iron fortress

  • whatever

    where is episode 8? all what i see is a 16 sec video??

    • raw version is online, subbed version will be here once it’s available on the internet. About 2-3 Hours from now 🙂

      • whatever

        Oh thanks i just realized that the episodes come every thursday… bc three days ago i start watching this anime and i had no idea it comes once a week!

        • you are welcome, Enjoy the show!

    • Harsh

      Check out kabaneri.org

  • Harsh

    Check out kabaneri.org they have episode 08 on time 😀

  • Ercan

    It has not arrived yet, did something went wrong?

  • SocialAwk

    It sucks trying to reason with children. Mumei: Give me the key or else I kill you! *gets key* Mumei: This key is fake! They are liars! Side note: no Engrish guy. He’s best character, like TK from Angel Beats.

  • The Dood

    Everytime I see Biba, all I’m thinking of is “what’s Asch doing here?”

  • Olnjiko

    What the hell, Azula dyed her hair

  • Zach

    If they know how to make Kabaneri why do people continue to kill themselves after being bitten instead of just controlling the infection like Ikoma? Except that the plot progression calls for a minority of Kabaneri to maintain conflict. I swear the plot has been moving forward completely artificially for the past five episodes.

    • Jovis

      Because Ikoma had been experimenting on the infection, and tried something crazy because he had no choice, and got lucky. Not everyone has:
      A. Access to bits of kabaneri
      B. The knowledge
      C. The equipment
      D. The idiocy
      to try a stupid plan like his, which (luckily) worked.

      I rest my case.

    • Jesse

      I think they hinted at some point that not everyone can become Kabaneri. And if you suddenly get bitten you might not have the time and equipment to stop the infection. And turning everyone in to Kabaneri means they don’t have a source of human blood to feed on. Also Kabaneri might suddenly turn into Kabane because the state is unstable? Maybe they will start discussing about this in the show 😀

  • Vek

    **Plot Twist** Trump was the supreme leader when all this happened in this and aot and that’s why they live behind walls and praise them

  • Ricky Loves You

    ikomas hair is annoying.

  • Sir Dubya

    Why doesn’t Biba just have a katana? He appears to have some sort of extended scimitar, despite them being first made and used in the Middle East. And if there was some interaction between Japan and the Middle East in this universe, why don’t more people have these modified scimitars?

  • NoStop GaMiNg

    This is litarly attack on the iron fortress

    • FierFolw

      Attack on Kabane*

  • Confused

    So are there different kind of those heart suicide things, because i’ve seen some that go fucking KABOOM, and some are just like. Pew.

  • FierFolw

    Are you Titan or a Human??? I am Titan shifter… ohh sorry that was another show