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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • maj klod

    damn , its monday and the episode didnt drop yet

    • xKuro

      it comes weekly and always on the same day so what do u expect on monday?

      • Mengchengma


      • Kieran Maharaj

        lol i don’t think he knows it comes out on Thursday… he’s probably been watching them four days late.

  • Mike

    Translation please? ^^;

  • Rakul Varma

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  • Bryan Hinson

    My my, a woman eating, how scandalous~

    • Tyri the blue


  • Arthur Leverwhits

    i enjoyed that its good to see a show with actual pacing in its narrative.

  • H3110

    How do they even keep the blood liquid? shouldn’t it start to clot as soon as it touches the air?

    • Zer0wl

      some special chemical maybe. Plus i doubt they would be poisoned anyways.

      • Leizero

        Anticoagulants. Probably heparin cause it’s naturally made by the body but idk how would they extract it. ACD (Acid Citrate Dextrose) was made around 1940s so probably not that. Tho citrate alone can be used to preserve it for a few days.

      • Leizero

        Oh I almost forgot, bromelain extracted from pineapples can actually be used as a substitute. One of our profs studied that for masteral.

    • L Drag Vang

      if the blood is being constantly stirred with some salt in it for a couple of minutes, and then being kept in a tight seal container it will stay liquid for quite some time. Dont know if it will be edible after a day or 2, but seems like them characters cant die from simple bacteria anyways so it wont matter. I make blood sausage like that from time to time.

    • Ricky Loves You

      its an anime, leave reality at the door, especially for this one ^_^

    • Harrison Hinks

      Do they need it as a liquid though? Could they survive of blood pudding I wonder?

  • that moment i thought he will say “..and fill your belly with…babies” haha

  • Trixia Lacsamana

    For some reason this episode lags :<

    • Sebastron

      I kno

  • SocialAwk

    Engrish guy: “Daita-tetsu ga, no more desu.” This guy is best character, 10/10.

  • icesearch

    I cant bring myself to hate Biba for some reason… you just cant hate the dude.

  • Heartless

    Fireworks in a zombie senario? tsk tsk, these kids are asking for trouble.

    • NoStop GaMiNg

      Isnt fireworks dinner bell