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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • Mike

    A new challenger appears… Shadow beast? Or a mass fusion of Kabane?

  • finally the ep.6 is here !!!
    but it’s a raw !!

  • CalvinCreator

    **SPOILER** kinda…

    just saying… pushing wouldn’t do any good, at least I think… As one applies force the wall, the static friction between ones feet and the floor would stop you from moving– but that same friction would push the train in the other way by a magnitude equal to the force the wall is pushed with. Hence, it all equals out. Summary: Newton’s Second Law. Or am I wrong?

    • Pretty sure you are correct, it occurred to me as well. At least they can apply weight to that side, but pushing against the wall doesn’t help.

    • Fubuki the Silly Destroyer

      Technically, putting weight onto one side can balance out the car.. Though a key point that could help answer that would be: The speed the Train is going at, and the grade/tight of the curve. But then again.
      It’s an anime show. Laws of physics don’t apply here. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Yea, pushing against the wall doesn’t help, but its not like every person on that train in this industrial steampunk time was actually educated on Newton’s Laws. They only know that putting weight on one side would prevent the train from derailing, so its not like they actually had the time to think to push or not and its not like they’d be risking anything if they did.

    • Ieuan Hamilton-Bass

      I believe if you are pushing towards the top of the carriage that it would help, for example if you are trying to stop someone opening a door you push against it on the outer most part as it is easier than pushing against the inner near the hinges, I think the same can be applied for pushing as high as you can inside the carriage.

    • Saphyr

      You are correct, in terms of actually applying force to the train. They are all technically connected to the train in the physical system and nothing else, and internal forces within an object cannot create a net effect. What they are doing, however, is at least effective in terms of fastening themselves on that side of the train, which ensures that they don’t lose balance as easily from bumps on the track and get pulled to the opposite side, screwing up the effort of redistributing the weight. If you are actively pushing in the direction you want to go in, it’s harder to be shoved back. So, it still helps, just not directly for the sake of tilting the train back.

      tl;dr It’s *securing* the position of the weight, not contributing to it.

    • Philip Bell

      You are correct, I thought of that too. But I thought it was so that people didn’t fall over, so they would all stay on that one side rather than to actually push the train.

    • tincxd

      damn son physcis 101

    • Sagar Harbie Mali

      Just saying..there’s a fucking huge shadow monster made out of uber zombies chasing a train that is propelled faster by the driver taking off her clothes. Aka, it’s an anime – it doesn’t need to apply to real life physics, just enjoy and stop over thinking 🙂

      • Jounin Astray

        Was just about to say: Does this guy not see whats going on here? He wants to go on about train physics when there is an assimilated corpse horde somehow maintaining speed, force ‘and’ form, knocking over train cars. Seriously…

      • nicole

        ikr if you over think everything, you won’t really enjoy the show.

        • Sagar Harbie Mali


      • Troy Sabella

        Yeah, but PUSHING A TRAIN FROM INSIDE OF THE TRAIN isn’t an overall theme of the story. It breaks immersion majorly.
        Forgoing a boiler’s pressure tolerance to go faster at the risk of damage is okay. Creatures developing a hive mind to create a larger organized group is already done on a regular basis for much smaller creatures. While something of that size would not be able to stand or stay together, it isn’t as immersion-breaking as something as obvious AS FALLING UPWARDS INTO THE SKY.
        Geez, you’re just like the people that complained women weren’t playable in Battlefield 1 multiplayer because they had, like, a single company of them or something in Russia.

        • FierFolw


    • Tyri the blue

      its a tv show

    • Tim Huynh

      not wrong

    • Jack Yang

      nope. pushing does nothing. unless u r running up the width of the train and tackling the wall. the sudden impact does make a difference, it’s the same thing that kills people in car accidents. but pushing the way they do does nothing.

    • Treekin

      The way I see it is in a panic you do what ever you have to do, even if it wont work. The important part there was that they all got to the side of the train, and if they thought they were helping by pushing, so be it. Humans don’t like feeling helpless, and i think that was what was being conveyed 😀

    • Kato

      No, they would not have pushed the train, however what they did would work to keep them from derailing. By altering the center of mass and having everyone add their weight to the inside of the curve, they increased the maximum speed the train could withstand before derailing.

    • Sir Dubya

      Yes, pushing would not do any good, but i think it was more that some random guy said to push and then everyone else assumed he knew what he was talking about.

  • Fubuki the Silly Destroyer

    RIP Boiler/Caboose Car. 2016 – 2016
    You will be missed.

    • I was thinking to myself what the contents of that car contained.

      • ntbcool

        nothing important, I’m pretty sure that is where they were keeping Ikoma and Mumei

      • Fubuki the Silly Destroyer

        It’s a back boiler car. (Or main boiler car, looking back at Episode 2.) If in an event let’s say you don’t have access to steam (the gas units that are used to power your weapons, or equipment) and you are stuck in the far back of the consist, that is your to-go area to refill for any needs. Ikoma used that boiler car to refill his gas powered equipment, including others that refilled their equipment/needs.
        I can’t say for sure if it fuels the main supply for the entire consist, or a backup supply if any of the other boiler car goes ‘boom.’

  • ntbcool

    Why are their 2 different versions of the anime? Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    Is one different cause they are different length episodes

    • KEV_C

      i think one is for 18+

      • kyla dyer

        wait which one is 18 plus

        • 😀 it’s just the synonym of the title !

  • I’m shipping Ikoma and Mumei so fucking hard right now.

    • kyla dyer

      i was at first, till i found out that she was 12 and that hes 17, i think a brother sister thing would be more appropriate, can someone remind me what the consent age in japan is again, lol

      • UnreliableLarry

        Fantasy/Sci-Fi dystopian steampunk universe where the average life expectancy is now ridiculously low due to, well, everyone dying all the time.

        Who cares what age they are? They might die in 5 minutes. Let them have whatever love they want.

        • kyla dyer

          while i see your point, if you were in this same situation would you be in love with a 12 year old, i remember having this convo about kick ass and hit-girl

          • Where did you find their ages? Or did you pull those numbers out your ass just from appearances alone?

          • kyla dyer

            All you have to do is look it up, asshole

          • UnreliableLarry

            hell yeah, 17 and facing death every day? 12 is just fine. Not to mention she’s a Kabaneri, and a ruthless killing machine – why would sex be the least bit painful or frightening to her? Because it might sting a little bit the first time?

            All of society has completely collapsed, 90% of the world has been eaten alive and turned into killer mutants, and the guy is supposed to worry about age of consent laws?

            At this point in a dystopian society even MURDER is barely outside the bounds of acceptable behavior – no one even would have the slightest reason to care about consenting sex between people.

      • Horimya-is-Life

        Yeah, but later on (hoping they survive that long) when he’s 25 she’s 20, so it’s win win. Just not right now XD

  • disqus_m3xs23rOt6

    wheres episode 7

  • Alex Maile

    So can someone explain to me why they just HAD to kill the colony when they could have very easily have just left? Also, that part where the train almost derailed was hilarious with how they “solved” that problem.

    • kyla dyer

      thank you, like why didnt they just leave while it was distracted, and did their efforts really even matter, i mean with that many of them, the colony probably reformed anyway, but now that i think about it, just gliding on out of there wouldn’t have been a very epic ending

    • A. Attorney

      Because it would have followed them to wherever they were going, so they couldn’t just ignore it.

  • Saphyr

    20:02 This episode, Mumei defeats female DIO!

  • Ahmed Kamel

    in 00: 39 is that Arabic song ?

    • xXRose-LoveXx

      lol I thought the same thing

  • Tyri the blue

    im thinking the ones controling the fused colonies will have a huge importance in the story later to come. ;D

  • Faruk Ilyas

    these writers are smoking too much weed man. not sure if i should continue the views dropped so much. from 162k to 44k.

  • Am I the only one here who feels so-so about Ayame? No offense or hate intended at all in my comment, but I just feel like she’s kind of too girlish maybe? But well, it’s just only my opinion though, I don’t hate her 🙂 Anywayss, on a happier note, I am in love with this anime and also Attack on Titan, the art, meaning, and emotion is just amazing! Shout out to all the marvelous work from the creators 😀 <3

  • Troy Sabella