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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • Alexander Powell

    it is

  • sushi

    guys know the schedule for this anime ?

    • Gintama ginatam

      visit kabaneri.org for faster update 😀

    • Johnny Tran

      thursday at 6 pm

      • Eason Teh Otaku

        Friday .-. not Thursday

  • Elspirit

    ye wheres the countdown

    • go to the home page and you will find the countdown for the next episode 🙂

      • Elspirit

        oh thanks :L

  • ChrisFenix

    Cannot wait for this!! – Watching the countdown timer on the home page like my life depends on it xD anyone know if this is the best place to get it first? also got kabaneri-station.com bookmarked but this site has been pretty reliable thus far 🙂

    • Gintama ginatam

      visit kabaneri.org for faster update of kabaneri

  • Gintama ginatam

    this site (kabaneri.org) has 6hr of countdown and previous week they were first to release kabaneri

    • ChrisFenix

      Site is full of popups – shameless self promotion? xD anyway i’m keeping an eye on all 3. we will see which one has it first. Best bet is keeping an eye on the subber groups

      • Erza

        i have visited the site and it has only 1 pop up and timer saying 3hrs 45 min to go awesome

  • shae shae

    Watching this anime raw is a pathetic move for me. Please, where is the subtitle? 🙂

    • DrDuckling

      gogoanime.io/koutetsujou-no-kabaneri-episode-4 has it posted. Not
      sure if it’s the same or different sub team…but it’s understandable.

    • ChrisFenix

      It’s online and subbed over at kabane-station.com/watch/kabane-episode-4 if you need it 😀 if it doesn’t load, refresh the page or try a different browser – works fine for me

    • ChrisFenix

      total fail from me there… http://www.kabaneri-station.com/watch/kabaneri-episode-4 sorry xD

  • John Byrne

    *0* so gooood

  • Fubuki the Silly Destroyer

    Those other officials on board made a dick move. Almost everyone got killed because they wanted to go through the mountains even though it was “quicker.”
    They even disregarded the warning of a large amount of Kabanes in the mountains!

  • Firefly

    ahhhh i can’t wait for the next one !

  • Garrett Orange

    Love this anime!

  • Nikos Michopoulos


  • Zachary Rausch

    I love how the coward screams in front of the Kabane and then it itself screams as if to mock him.

    • H3110

      “omg I’m so scared! oh nooooooo!”

      • Zachary Rausch

        Yup yup, that’s just about the gist of it. :3

  • FabLunnous

    Feels very cliche, the way they give speeches before fight……. but it’s not all that bad

  • Hasen

    This is so much better than Attack on Titan

    • Zach Ricca

      I like both, but this definitely starts much faster and I like the premise of superzombies along with demi-zombies. It adds a really unique feel to the genre.

  • Joe

    Has anyone talked about the guy with the really thick English accent?

  • xTANGx

    who the hell has a big ass bonfire out the open in the middle of night, when your survival is on the brink and millions of zombies are just roaming around. absolutely stupid.

    • xTANGx

      and if that dude can see glowing zombie eyes miles away in the mountains with his binoculars; don’t ya think those zombies will see a giant campfire….

  • xTANGx

    gad damn and since when did the suicide bags pack enough explosives to blow up a train car, and all the kabane in front of him?!? very first episode in the begining 5 minutes, a guy uses one on himself in a train; and it doesn’t blow up the people beside him or the cab. the writing in this show is sloppy.