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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • Batgirl

    This anime has been a roller coaster for me. I am pumped and can not wait any longer for the next episode *(^o^)/*

  • jupiter ido

    when do new episodes come?

    • Def_alT

      Every Thursday

  • Pleiades

    the time is 00 !!

  • Terumoto

    Episode 11 was just a blast, can’t wait to see what happens of the new Ikoma 😀

  • cronos

    when will there be a subbed version?

  • Adam Tulloss

    For anyone who wants to watch it rn(because the current version on this site doesn’t have subtitles) http://www.kabaneri.org/watch-kabaneri-episode-11-subbed-online-preview-upcoming-episode/

  • Zion_d_LDS

    Where are the sub?

  • Pleiades

    can’t wait to see new badass Ikoma! 😀

  • neesan

    Kurusu! <3

  • ES7

    Ikoma was on rocks before the beginning of episode clip. Then he was on the beach. What.

    • H3110

      Maybe he drifted away?

    • Poochie Mcintosh

      I noticed that too, but I was like fuck it I love the show. Ignore that detail

  • H3110

    Look! it’s Iron Man!

  • 東京グール・眼帯FTW・ユーザーネーム: Ɠнσυℓ

    Jesus Biba you with you’re personal issues, doesn’t mean you hate your father that you need to kill all the good people -/-

  • Loke Chun Waan

    another attack on titan appeared

    • Trojianmaru

      He looks so much like Eran did in that last episode, when he went absolutely berserk and was burning through his Titan Regeneration

  • Blue


  • Kevin Liu

    What’s the ending song?

    Edit: nvm I found it, it’s called “Through My Blood “

  • Jay Boosu

    What happened to those Biba apologists, saying they rather understood Biba’s ideology and were kinda rooting for him….? They seemed to have disappeared…. Maybe because it’s clear that he’s actually batsh-t crazy now? Just saying….

    • Troy Sabella

      They’re here. They just agree with his ideology without the whole going full-Hitler part. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong to see how a force reclaiming land for humans would be a good idea.
      Quit being such a condescending prick, dude.

  • flomat4

    I hope this anime is longer that 30 episodes long. We’ve just reached 12 and i am already hooked to all the characters. (now hoping Mumei doesnt just die)

  • Shayera Thal

    I don’t understand this mentality. You’ve already got a whole new race of infected beings wanting to kill what’s left of the human race. Why is it that every show like this (end of the world, zombies, etc.) portrays as humans as more of a threat to what’s left of their pitiful existence than any actual disease, virus, or natural disaster could ever be? I like to believe that if things like this were to actually happen, the human race could come together and actually survive.

    • Troy Sabella

      I always wonder that too. That’s why I hate when they inevitably add ultra-powerful characters to shows like this. It gives off a total Mary-Sue vibe and detracts from how powerful the main threat actually is.

  • Gus Gebel

    You either die a hero…or live long enough to become the villain.