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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • Kxmo


  • Harsh Salunke

    1 hr to go on kabaneri. org

  • |Hagane ~ no ~ Renkinjutsushi|

    Is this the guy who voices English Guy?

  • KEV_C

    this server is crap
    cant even load in

    • sm134

      Try to switch to html5 player. You can do that in the upper lefter corner. It worked for me 🙂

      • TheDoomedSpirit

        I was having issues too and switching it helped. Thank you!

      • Zachary Rausch

        Dude, thank you for that. Solved the problem completely~

  • BakaKuro

    came here because nyaa deleted the torrent

  • Jazan Boy

    i’m really sad that i watched this episode

    • ObamaDogmeat

      It actually loaded for you?

  • Jerry Yang

    fucking lit dawg.

  • BlasterL

    OMG I really hate Biba now. I want Ikoma to stab him through teh stomach so his blood attracts a horde of Kabane that eats him alive because he deserves all of it after this episode

  • Benjamin VanSmoorenburg

    why does the dude with the mask speak so much english

    • Stephen Huang

      Based on the accent and his hair (lol) he’s probably supposed to be a European living in Japan

    • Johnny Chan Fan Hui

      His english sounds like someone copied and paste the audio from the street fighter arcade game.

    • Troy Sabella

      What accent? I originally thought he was an American because it sounds like our English but then I really noticed the hair, I knew he had to be an Englishman. XD

  • Batgirl

    There is a website that has this anime and it is fast on loading and never has problems the website is AnimeTux.me

  • Azrael Telea

    Ok I’ve had it up to here. This anime is fucking atrocious. I can’t get past how cheesy and corny, and not to mention fucking illogical as hell. I feel like I’m watching a terrible soap opera.

  • TallishWinter

    Oh god. I feared that Mumei will get twisted somehow. Id like to trust that Ikoma is not dead, but i dunno.

  • tha1ne


  • Sean Cahill

    thank you sm134

  • Sir Dubya

    I was really hoping that there was gonna be a scene when Ikoma struggled to unlock the door as he tried out every key on the key ring, only to find that it was the last one.

  • naingzawhein

    i just know now Ikoma all he can do is cry, shout, outcry, yell, scream, cry out !!!

  • xlxTrinityxlx

    Biba is such a good villain and savage lmao. I love seeing him make the cast squirm, and I wish this anime won’t take the cliche route cause at this point I don’t see how he can lose anything haha

  • BlueNimbus

    well, damn. Ikoma won’t die due to plot armor, and the fact that there was no blue lightning effect when she shanked him but still… I hope he comes back with some actual willpower. For all his shouting, he goes down like a chump.