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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress


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  • blacknigga

    shingeki no kyojin?

    • 010010100110111101100101

      Same markers

    • Gadge Dempsy

      lol ikr it’s similar to tht

    • Ali Shademan

      kabaneri is better than aot

  • 010010100110111101100101

    Really good anime

  • Lachlan Harkness

    it is shit cus harry lee suggested it to me

  • Gadge Dempsy

    oml 5 years….the gem tied to his palm is the same colour as Eren Jager’s eyes, he has a shit load of determination and the city is surrounded by walls (or a wall)

  • 東京グール・眼帯FTW・ユーザーネーム: Ɠнσυℓ

    wtf is this voice of the main character

    • MilkshakeSheep

      Ikr XD

    • Gift der Seele

      Filthy Frank? XD

  • Vek

    Seems like Tetsurō Araki and Trump have something in common, they both love their walls

    • eLdritchD

      can’t go wrong with a good wall.

      • hazerddex

        exept everything

    • anime4life

      “Lets build a wall to stop the foreign/Mexican kabane away
      and we will make the kabane reinforce it by testing the strength!”
      Donald Araki/ Tetsuro Trump says
      Honestly liking the name Tetsuro Trump way more than Donald Araki
      “Oh no! The foreign/Mexican Kabane have infiltrated!”
      No offense to you Mexican/foreigners also(I’m a Asian foreigner)

  • Raves104

    whoa this is good never even heard about this show just randomly searched it !!!

  • Sebby(0//_//0)

    this is so good but Dang the parallels to AoT r SHOCKING
    green feature(eyes to stone on hand): yep
    mom killed by the enemy: check
    son of dead mom sworn vegance to enemy: Check
    bad ass girl w/short black hair:yesssss
    boy friends with characters that didn’t want to get caught up in this: yep
    kinda corrupt system/leader:yeah
    there is prob more as the show goes on but just DANNGGG
    people protected by walls: YES
    everything changed when the fire nation-I MEAN- enemy broke through the walls
    enemy has limited intelligence and move like zombies:yep
    enemies are deformed humans:yes(but this only counts if you read AoT manga)

    • Sir Dubya

      enemies aren’t hurt by normal weapons: thats right
      they have a special weak spot: yup
      main character is like the enemy: probably(just guessing from what i saw in the trailer)

    • FripFrap

      AOT didn’t even remotely start any of these tropes. They’ve been handed down from property to property forever.
      green feature: weak connection considering greens a color.
      mom killed by the enemy: common trope in lots of fiction, anime’s no exception
      son of dead mom sworn vengeance to enemy: see Outlaw Star, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, etc. (point is, AOT didn’t do it first)
      bad ass girl w/ short black hair: look at practically any shonen show ever, and a character like this will show up
      boy friends with characters that didn’t want to get caught up in this: again, common trope. The “normal” character(s) that want to stay out of trouble
      kinda corrupt system.leader: every dystopian work of fiction has this. Corrupt government. bureaucracy, and evil corporations are staples of the genre.
      people protected by walls: kind of a weak connection. that’s like saying that dragon ball z and ouran high school host club are similar because they both have buildings.
      everything changed when the enemy broke through the walls: breach of a previously thought of as impenetrable area, leading to chaos is once again, a common dystopian fiction trope.
      enemy has limited intelligence and move like zombies: yes. they’re zombies. go back to the 1930s with White Zombie. this has been a trope for a long ass time.
      enemies are deformed humans: yes. monsters have been a part of fiction, since it started. AOT didn’t invent monsters.

  • Alexei Alyoshin

    This is an anime and people speak before a battle. How ever this is like the walking dead of anime. You dont know who will die.

  • Matt Stahl

    Steampunk AOT. Same basic storyplot as it but changed a few things. AOT is still better though.

    • Heyman1231

      attack on on titan is already steam punk.

  • Ju Solgi Beolle

    i want to download it do you know how to download??

    • right click on the video and click save as !!

  • Libri Lector

    is this an official anime site?

  • Disman

    Omfg this fucking amazing!!!